Posts and corners

Please stick to the policies listed below. Actions that violate these rules or our Terms of Use may lead to an account being suspended or terminated. We'd prefer not to do that, so please don't test us. It hurts us more than it hurts you.

Keep in mind that these policies may change at anytime. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please feel free to contact us.


  • We reserve the right at all times (but will not have an obligation) to reclaim “corner names”.


  • Do not use copyrighted materials such as pictures, images or written text, unless you have written consent to do so. This is a violation of our Terms of Use.

  • Do not use profane and/or racist language or pictures in your posts or corner.

  • A post cannot contain a link to another website for online purchases. Krrb is strictly for face-to-face transactions. If you have an online store, you may link to it from your profile.

  • A post cannot be created for the sole purpose of sharing pictures or other information, unless it is a community announcement that is relevant to many, doesn't infringe on anyones privacy and legal rights, and is within the boundaries of our policies and Terms of Use.

  • Each unique item must have its own post. You can group items into a single post if they are a set to be sold together, if you are making an announcement for a garage sale, yard sale, etc. or if you are doing a "pick and choose" (eg. "3 year old baby clothes for sale"). If your post falls into any of these exceptions, you must tag it as such (e.g. set, garage sale, yard sale, pick and choose, etc.).

  • Selling commercial or mass-produced items regularly on Krrb is strongly discouraged. If you do so, you will be asked to stop.

  • Please follow our policies regarding restricted and prohibited posts

Fee avoidance

  • You cannot edit a posts information to change it to an entirely different item; this is considered fee avoidance.

  • You cannot contact another member to buy or sell an item not posted on Krrb as this may constitute fee avoidance.

Post accuracy and fairness

  • Post descriptions, tags and pictures must accurately describe the item or service.

  • You cannot create a post for an item or service that is not available.

  • Post price must be reasonable. You can price an item how you choose, however you cannot use an inaccurate price in order to mislead users or keep it from selling.

Sharing and promotion

  • Spread the word about your post and corner but don't spam. Spam includes unsolicited emails, @ messages on Twitter and promotional comments on Facebook. This makes everyone on Krrb look bad.


  • You must use accurate and relevant tags that describe the specific item or service you are posting.

  • You may use relevant synonyms as tags (e.g. a wallet may be tagged with billfold also).

  • Do not use competing brand name tags (eg. do not tag your John Deere tractor with "Craftsman").

  • You cannot use related tags that do not describe the item or service you are posting (e.g. gloves shouldn't be tagged with "scarf", yarn shouldn't be tagged "sweater", man with a van shouldn't be tagged with "armoire").

  • You may use multiple words as a single tag only if they comprise a single descriptive phrase (e.g. "living room"). Example of unacceptable multiple words in a single tag: "red dress", "Ikea couch", "old computer", etc.

  • If your post contains mature content, then you must comply with Krrb's mature content policies which include tagging your post with "mature" and including "MATURE:" as the first word of your post title.

  • Using too many tags may get your post flagged for review.


  • Gift certificates are governed by local laws; it is your responsibility to determine if they are in compliance. If you post a gift certificate, you are responsible for this compliance.

  • A post must offer something. It cannot be created for the sole purpose of advertising. Such information may be included in your profile.

  • You can create a post to promote a sale, promotion or coupon only if your shop is located within the place you are posting too.

  • Business can only post to the street address of their physical store. If you are a business and you do not have a physical presence within a place, you cannot post to that place.

  • Online stores are prohibited. Krrb is about offline face-to-face transactions.

  • If you are a business, you must mark your profile as a business.

Fundraising and charitable causes

  • Krrb wishes to support members who are involved with charitable organizations and causes. Charitable fundraising is subject to many laws, especially because there are scammers out there that are looking to take advantage of your good will.

  • Members represent that any charitable fundraising complies with all applicable laws.

  • Members engages in charitable fundraising on behalf of a recognized tax-deductible charitable organization (for example: 501(c)(3) status or equivalent with the IRS, similar legally-recognized non-U.S. charitable organization) must receive appropriate consent from the charitable organization.

  • Member must include clear information about the organization and donation details in the post or corner, including the 501(c)(3) number and status.

  • A post must offer something. It cannot be created for the sole purpose of soliciting a donation.


  • Krrb is a community and we'd be thrilled if you found friends or even love here. However, we are not a venue for friendship or finding love.

  • A post must offer something. It cannot be created for the sole purpose of dating, making friends, etc. You can create a post to offer to make someone a batch of creamy cupcakes or a nice four-course picnic in the park.

  • If you do want to meet someone, please please please stay safe and meet in public, tell a friend and use extreme caution.

Mature content

  • Krrb is a general audience venue, therefore we have created strict policies that you must follow for mature content, which is defined as pictures of naked people, sexual activity or content, profane language or graphic violence.

  • Posts containing mature content must be tagged with "mature" and include "MATURE:" as the first word of your post title.

  • You cannot use mature content in your post listing content which includes the post title, first 150 characters of your description and first picture, if applicable.

  • You cannot use mature content in tags.

  • You cannot use mature content in your name, nickname, corner name and profile.

  • Pornography is prohibited on Krrb.

Krrb's editorial control

  • Krrb has 100% editorial control. Meaning, we reserve the right to edit or remove your post without your prior knowledge in order to clarify, correct or preserve editorial quality on the website. We will make a good faith effort to inform you of any changes we make.

  • If Krrb removes your post for editorial reasons and you have followed all policies and Terms of Use, then we will deposit back the credit(s) used for that post.